Getting a government teaching job can be a life changing decision. Every state conducts exams for recruiting teacher. As long as you are ready to work hard cracking exam is easy. For those who want to get a teaching job, here are details of exams of different states.


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Every Year State of Uttar Pradesh organizes UPTET exam to recruit teachers in government schools. Regardless of your degree, passing this exam is very important. For attempting the exam knowing your eligibility is equally important. Only those candidate succeed who fill all necessary criteria. Exam is life changing for students.

There are two papers in UPTET exam. Passing both papers is very crucial if you want good job. All schools use this exam for selection. First paper is for primary stage. Good marks is important for exam. Second paper is for Upper Primary stage. For teaching students of 1st to 6th, first paper is important. For teaching from 6th to 10th grade, passing both papers is equally important.


APTET  www.aptet.cgg.gov.in

APTET is for getting job as teacher in Andhra Pradesh. This is a very important examination. There are two papers in the exam. Passing both is very important. APTET exam is help every year. Additionally, thousands of students apply for exam. Before applying getting eligibility checked is equally important. Candidate must have B.Ed for TET exam.

There are different rules for states. Details of exam are released online. Students should check website for details. As long as you get information from good website there is no problem. Additionally, pattern and syllabus is also available online. AP has many government schools. If you get a job in those schools than it can change your career. Along with this, salaries are also very good.


BETET www.bsebonline.net

Bihar has many good schools. Applying for BETET can additionally provide good ways to earn money. Exam is very difficult because many students apply every year. There are two papers. First paper is for primary schools and second is for higher school.

For higher schools, passing both papers is equally important. Exam is conducted every year. You should know eligibility before applying for exam. Along with all the information one can also find syllabus and patter online. Salaries of government schools are very good. As long as you are regular there is no problem. Job security is also good in these schools.

Because of less industries teaching can be a good job option. It can provide security and stability. Not a lot of transfers occur for teachers. This means you do not have to move from city to city. There is no extra work pressure in teaching. It will provide you with satisfied job. But hard work is important to pass exam.

You need to be aware of all teaching techniques. An oral exam is also conducted for selection. Passing in both exams is important. Because you need to teach hundreds of students, students should be good speaker with management skills. BETET is conducted at different centers across the state.


MahaTET www.mahatet.in

Maharashtra state is known of its teaching. It is one of the best places to live and earn money. There are many students who want to become a teacher. For government jobs, MahaTET exam occurs. Exam takes place every year. Hundreds of students apply for exam. It is divided into two categories, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Passing both papers is equally important if you want to be a higher secondary teacher.

But on the other hand if you want to be a primary teacher, only first paper is important. Maharashtra has one of the best teacher’s salary. Teachers also enjoy retirement benefits. After retirement, teachers can join private tuition for jobs. It is a great way to earn good livelihood.

This exam is for CBSE and other state schools. It is important that you check you all the requirements before preparing. For preparation, getting syllabus and pattern is critical. Because of pattern you can get a good perspective. Cracking this exam can be life settling for you.


TNTET www.trb.tn.nic.in

Tamil Nadu is one state where awareness about education has gone up. Because of increased awareness there are many new government schools. This can present students with good job options. It will ensure that there is good job security and higher number of jobs.

As long as you score well in the TNTET exam, your chances of getting job will be very good. Teaching is one of the most satisfying job professions. As it involves creating future for students, it will keep you happy and satisfied. Major part of job discretion revolves around small children, which can provide you with good understanding of them.

Once you develop a good rapo with students, teaching them will not look all that difficult. It is important that you are aware about local languages. With local languages, you can teach well and make them understand you better. English is also very important as most of the schools are English medium.


KTET www.keralapareekshabhavan.in

Kerala is one of the most literate state in the country. Getting a good job as a teacher in Kerala can be very effective. It can complete change your life and provide you with many goo options. Kerala is one of the top states when it comes to education.

This is mainly because high proportion of government schools. But high schools also provide good options for aspiring teachers. It will make sure that you get good support and education for students. Before getting to exam, one should check eligibility requirements. Every state has different eligibility criteria. With proper eligibility, you can get a good job in the state. It will provide you with perfect life ahead. Preparation is important for these exams. Students should use official syllabus and pattern for preparation.

Whichever, state you may belong to. Getting a job as teacher can be life changing. It will make sure that you lead a well settled life and get good source of income. It will provide you good job sanctification without constant need to change schools and cities. This is one of the best job you can get for your budding career.

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